Neschen Latex Open Day

I had two months to create some pieces for the Neschen Latex Open Day. My brief was to use certain medias to inspire our customers in what they could do with applications of media.

With help from my team, we were able to build two exhibition pieces. The first a set-up child’s bedroom wall and door piece. This involved showing the application of different wallpapers, and printing on a door to create a whole image on one wall.

The second exhibition was a “Cardboard Coffee Cafe”. Everything in this piece was made, even the clamps to hold together. The use of Latex and UV printing created applications including floor graphics, useable (and sturdy) table and chairs, window graphics, art canvas’, outdoor signage and more. 3D printers helped with the clamps and hooks to hang the canvas’.

It turned out pretty successful!

12th NovScreen Shot 2015-12-15 at 15.12.43

Wedding Guestbook

10th novMore wedding bits and bobs made! Here is a sneaky peak of the personalised guestbook. 3D hearts and birds for the guests to write their congrats on.

I will post the whole thing when I have some nice photos of them in April at their wedding, so they look nice and pretty 🙂