Li Laurent “Seeing Sounds”

Quick shoot in the studio with Li Laurent. Wanted a simplistic, effective shadow and contrast look. Here is my fave of the bunch.

Search her on YouTube to hear her new EP!



The new infused water bottle, Aquatiser, have asked me to take photos of their accessories and bottles. Lots of fun photographing these, mainly because you could eat fruit and work at the same time. I have a Aquatiser myself now, and they’ve changed my perception of drinking water as I never drink near enough nor like the taste of plain water. I used to drink the Volvic fruity water, but the amount of sugar in them is ridiculous. But this fun and easy concept really does help me drink a lot more water on a daily basis!

Visit their website! 

PJ1B4206 lime PJ1B4206 aquatiser fruit water infused

Flash back…

Back to 2010 when I was studying A Level photography. This piece I wanted to create controversial thoughts. It’s one of my favourite photos i’ve produced and so many people I know always recognise this image.