Becoming a fruit placing pro.

Product shot images in action. Some new images for a recipe e-book.



Aquatiser’s new product, Aquatiser Sport! This weekend I was photographing their new bottle made from plastic. Along with new sleeves and ice balls.

bottle water aquatiser bottle water aquatiser

PJ1B4239 Green PJ1B4239 Navy PJ1B4239 Pink PJ1B4245

End of an era, start of a new beginning.

It’s now time to finish being a University student, and pursue in a career you’ve been waiting for! I always believe that if you enjoy something, you should do it. So taking this advice, I’ve started my own little photography business. Throughout Uni, I worked for a clothing company creating product and fashion shots for them. I now have a new client on board to ask me to take photographs of his products, screws! From vintage grade to bright and shiny, to make a screw look “sexy” will be a challenge.